B-Tight Cream Reviews: Lift & Firm Booty Mask, Results & Coupon Codes


Bikinis look all the more beautiful when you have a slim and curvy figure. Many women especially the college girls try thousand new methods just to get round booty. They also spend many dollars to get a perfect figure. Even more so, they take supplements and capsules to bring the body into shape.

Now, you can get rid of the unwanted fats with B-Tight Cellulite Removal Cream. It is the natural mask to get stunning and firm booty within some weeks.

Secret formula

Before using it, you will surely want to know the active ingredients of B-Tight Booty Mask. It has a mixture of 4 natural items. They include ecoslim, pink pepperslim, oil of red grapefruit and guarana extracts.

These ingredients are picked from nature and then added in the making of this booty mask. Free from chemicals, B-Tight Anti Cellulite Cream may not harm your skin in any way. It does not give harmful side effects to the body.

Further, this booty mask is suitable for every skin type. It may give better and more effective results in the body than ordinary creams and masks.


Differences between normal booty masks and B-Tight Cream

Maelys Cosmetics B-Tight Cream might look similar to other booty creams but it is not so. There are many differences between B-tight Cream and the other ordinary creams available in the market. Read below to know more:

  • Ordinary creams leave marks on the booty whereas B-Tight Booty Cream may give you clear skin.
  • By using normal booty creams, one gets the cellulite on the hip area. B-Tight cream may work to eliminate cellulite from the skin making it look beautiful.
  • Ordinary booty creams burn the skin but do not remove the stubborn fats from the hip area. On the other hand, B-Tight Cream may accelerate the process of metabolism. You may get a firmer booty within a few weeks by using B-Tight Anti Cellulite Cream
  • You must have seen how ordinary booty masks make your skin saggy and loose after releasing the fats. B-Tight Mask is different from the rest. It may make the skin tighter and firmer after burning the fats.
  • Normal booty masks give side effects or skin allergies such as redness, inflammation or itchiness. B-Tight Cream may not cause skin infections or allergies in the body.
  • Ordinary creams contain harmful particles, gases, and chemicals. B-Tight Booty Cream has a pure organic composition of 4 elements.
  • Simple booty creams do not make the skin flexible or elastic. On the other hand, BTight Cream may make your skin flexible and supply by burning the extra fats of the booty.

In addition to the above benefits, B-Tight Booty Cream may remove toxins from the body. It may help in improving skin tone and bring the booty in shape. This natural formula may help in burning stubborn fats of the hips and booty.

How to use B-Tight Cream?

You have to first take some amount of B-Tight Cellulite Removal Cream on the palms. Then apply in thin layers on the hip and booty area. You will get a warm feeling within some minutes. You have to then massage the booty and hip areas in a gentle manner avoiding the pressure of the hands.

Massage until the cream is sucked by your skin. Do not wash the area with water. You have to do this procedure twice a day to get better results within 3 weeks. Do not go out in bright sun after applying B-Tight Anti Cellulite Cream as the sun rays might affect the skin. Apart from that, do not apply other booty masks after applying this mask.

B Tight Ingredients


  1. I am Monica from Texas. I love wearing bikinis but could not wear earlier due to bad booty. I came to know about B-Tight Mask from a friend and decided to use it. It is truly a gem for gaining a perfect booty. I got a stunning booty within just 3 weeks after using this cream daily. Now, I don’t feel embarrassed to wear attractive bikinis on the beaches or swimming pools. My figure looks great after using this booty mask on a regular basis.
  2. I am Tracy from Washington. I had a fat body with fat thighs and badly shaped booty. I tried several booty masks to get rid of those stubborn fats but none of them gave nice results. Then I read the reviews of B-Tight Booty Cream and used it. This product is incredible and gives attractive booty within some weeks. It also gives perfect thighs by burning extra fats. Furthermore, it reduces cellulite and makes the skin elastic. I love the product.

Reviews of the customers

Maelys Cosmetics B-Tight Cream has given better results in many cases. Many of them got a slim and trim figure with the regular application of this natural cream. Some women say that B-Tight Mask helps in removing the appearance of cellulite from the skin. Some people also got more flexible skin with this natural booty mask. Most of the customers gave positive reviews of B-Tight Cellulite Removal Cream.

Where to get this product from?

You can order B-Tight Anti Cellulite Cream only from the official site of the manufacturer. To order a trial bottle, you have to first fill up the online form. Then you have to write your personal details in the form. The product will reach at your address within some days.

Maelys Cosmetics B-Tight Cream will encourage you to live life confidently and cheerfully.



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